Gift Tea

Relax, Refresh, Revive...

Gift Tea - a cup full of life!!

For some of us, selecting a gift is a chore rather than a pleasure. Finding the ideal gift that expresses your feelings and touches the recipient is an art. We have tried to make it easy for you. We offer custom packaging and branding at a variety of price points that are perfect for any occasion.

Birthdays, weddings and special occasions are perhaps the most common, yet challenging of all gift-giving occasions. Then there is Christmas and New Year and all the other festivals that add the flavour of living to our lives. It's a pleasure to receive a gift that is both luxurious and distinctive, but when it is useful as well, it makes it completely fulfilling.

We offer you gift sets that are more than just tea. They provide that exclamation to everything needed to create a daily ritual of calm and relaxation. What could be more welcome than that!

Show that you really care by offering a unique gift. Surprise people with an unexpected, thoughtful gift. Viva Himalaya Tea makes it easy to celebrate the little things in life - friendship, a kind word, a pat on the back. Relax, refresh, revive... enjoy and savour the big little things of life.